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185/28 Đ. Phạm Ngũ Lão, Phường Phạm Ngũ Lão, Quận 1, Thành phố Xì Gòn 700000, Vietnam




+84 338 904 446

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4.70 (872 reviews)

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Working Hours

  • Thursday: 9 am to tướng 10:30 pm
  • Friday: Closed
  • Saturday: Closed
  • Sunday: 10:30 am to tướng 10:30 pm
  • Monday: 9 am to tướng 10:30 pm
  • Tuesday: 9 am to tướng 10:30 pm
  • Wednesday: 9 am to tướng 10:30 pm


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  • 5Nita C. 1 month ago

    Nestled in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City, it is a true gem that promises an authentic Vietnamese dining experience. The ambiance is charmingly Vietnamese, with traditional decor and warm lighting that creates a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. The friendly and attentive staff welcomed má with genuine smiles, and their knowledge of the thực đơn made my dining experience all the more enjoyable. Tobi was especially very attentive and friendly during my visit and recommended great food while I was there. One of the highlights of my visit was the lemongrass chicken. The aroma alone was enough to tướng whet my appetite, and with the first bite, I was transported to tướng a world of vibrant flavors. The chicken was perfectly cooked, tender, and infused with the fragrant essence of lemongrass. The accompanying sauce was a harmonious blend of sweet and tangy, enhancing the overall dish. Another delightful dish I tried was the stir-fried morning glory. This classic Vietnamese vegetable dish was prepared with expertise, resulting in a burst of freshness and crunch in every bite. The morning glory was stir-fried to tướng perfection, retaining its natural flavors and vibrant green color. The seasoning was well-balanced, allowing the natural taste of the vegetable to tướng shine through. The thực đơn is extensive, offering a wide array of Vietnamese delicacies that cater to tướng all palates. Moreover, the prices are reasonable, considering the quality and authenticity of the dishes. The portion sizes are generous, and you definitely get value for your money.

  • 5Mer D. 1 month ago

    I had an absolutely wonderful experience at this place! I arrived early, and even though the staff were still getting things ready, they went above and beyond to tướng accommodate má. One particular staff thành viên named Andrew stood out for his exceptional friendliness, articulate communication, and eagerness to tướng assist. The food surpassed my expectations with its superb quality and generous portions. Moreover, the ambiance and overall vibe of the place were truly enjoyable. Definitely coming back!!

  • 2K. 2 months ago

    Most importantly, food was good but the whole experience was disappointing. The prawn curry was tasty and had plenty of depth. The papaya salad was spot on and the spring rolls were delicious..unfortunately we waited about an hour and 15 minutes for our food. They said there was a big group of diners on the second level so sánh their kitchen was backed up. (We were there at 8pm) What's most frustrating was one dish came 30 min upon arrival, then another came 30min later, then 10, then last one after 5 min. Our food was cold when we started to tướng tuck in, in it's entirety. Oddly enough, some diners that arrived after us were served first. There were another group of customers that were waiting far longer than thở us. Funny story, the couple next to tướng us started the evening all lovey dovey, then midway after a quarrel (probably got too hungry and angry) the guy ate his dish then left, and the poor girl had to tướng wait alone another 45min before her own food arrived. This shouldn't happen in an established kitchen. Will not return as there are better choices without the kitchen issues.

  • 5Ainhoa Guridi S. 2 months ago

    All the food we tried was marvellous, specially spring rollls and the fish dishes. Bill and Andrew were our waiters, and they're the best of Saigon. Thank you both!

  • 5Becky R. 2 months ago

    Very good service by Bill! Edit: we came here on the advice of our guide, and when we checked on Google Reviews, it was 4.8 average with great comments. We had a great meal with buffalo cheese balls, veggie noodles and chicken curry. At the kết thúc we had a nice conversation with our waiter Bill, who was impeccably polite and friendly. Highly recommended quiet place on a beautiful side street off the madness of D. Bui Vien, plus indoor nice decor with pretty tiles floor and walls covered in pictures of Saigon gone by.

  • 5MJKim P.. 2 months ago

    We just finished lunch in here. Staff is super friendly . Food is very fresh tasting and very good quality, and comes very quickly. Flavours are amazing! We were served by Water & she was very kind & attentive - Thank you! Highly recommended. (From Korean & Australian couple).

  • 5Siva J. 2 months ago

    The food was excellent, staffs were very welcoming. Thank you Water (staff) for the kind service. We really enjoyed your service. Highly recommended and must pay a visit 👌

  • 5Cj A. 3 months ago

    I recently had the pleasure of dining at trang chủ Saigon and I must say, I was thoroughly impressed with the food. The pomelo salad was a standout dish for má, with a well-balanced flavor of sweetness and saltiness that left má wanting more. The trang chủ Saigon grilled chicken with coconut rice was also a winner in my book. The chicken was cooked to tướng perfection and the coconut rice was a delightful surprise, reminding má of boiled corn kernel mixed with shredded coconut. What I appreciated most about trang chủ Saigon was the variety of food options available. They have dishes that are suitable for children, such as spaghetti bolognese, French fries, and mashed potatoes. This makes it a great spot for families to tướng dine together.

  • 5H. 3 months ago

    A friend and I had a great dinner experience at trang chủ Saigon Restaurant & Bar. When we arrived, a waiter immediately greeted us and seated us at a table. Our waiter, Messi, was extremely attentive to tướng us. Great drinks, food, service, and atmosphere! edit: it was raining by the time we were ready to tướng leave and the waiters were so sánh kind to tướng lend us an umbrella to tướng get to tướng our waiting xe taxi. We were honestly ready to tướng brave the rain 😅

  • 5Dave H. 3 months ago

    Very nice place to tướng relax, eat, and watch people. I ate at this restaurant twice, while in Ho Chi Minh City. I enjoyed the Bun Cha for dinner and also the banana dessert with coconut ice cream. I also enjoyed pork with white radish and rice. Excellent service and very friendly staff. Very tasty food. Excellent drinks as well! Blink was an amazing staff thành viên there. So friendly and a welcoming smile. Great English. She asked if I enjoyed my food. Awesome service and beautiful as well.

  • 5Lynn T. 3 months ago

    Delicious dishes with beautiful decor. The fish dishes and spring rolls are die for! The service is fantastic. Tram ( the sweet waitress) provided great recommendations and service!

  • 5Anthony Van K. 3 months ago

    Well what can we say about this little restaurant. The food is amazing, the waitress called BLINK was so sánh accommodating and friendly, she loved to tướng talk to tướng us to tướng help her improve her English. The atmosphere and music was great. We will definitely be back and would be happy to tướng recommend this place to tướng others. We had to tướng go back for a second day, because the food is just amazing and were served by Ari and Vinh.

  • 5Shriya B. 4 months ago

    Ms. Blink, excellent service This is not just a restaurant, but an experience that will leave you amazed and satisfied. But what really sets this restaurant apart is the staff. The staff at restaurant are not just friendly and welcoming, they go above and beyond to tướng make your dining experience truly special. And Miss Blink, in particular, is a gem. Her energy and genuine enthusiasm for her work are contagious. She makes you feel lượt thích you're dining with a friend rather than thở a server. And the food, oh my! The flavors and spices of Vietnam come alive in every dish. From the pomelo salad with prawn and pork, to tướng the fried egg noodles with chicken, every bite is an explosion of taste in your mouth. And let's not forget the egg coffee, a Vietnamese delicacy that you won't find just anywhere. Sure, the prices might be on the higher side, but trust má, it's worth every penny. You're not just paying for a meal, you're paying for an experience that will leave you with memories to tướng cherish forever. So, if you're looking for a beautiful restaurant with amazing food and an exceptional staff, look no further than thở HomeHome Saigon restaurant and Bar. And if you're lucky, you might just get to tướng be served by Miss Blink, the star of the show.

  • 5Sébastien A. 6 months ago

    A fun local restaurant that seems to tướng be favored by a westerners’ crowd, yet truly offers a tasty local thực đơn of fish and meats - all with options for vegetarians. The spring rolls may have been a bit short in size for the appetizers but the chicken fried rice was very flavorful. The staff and particularly Emma our waitress was quite friendly! Definitely recommend if you’re finding yourself - lượt thích many tourists - in District 1 of Saigon. Only one regret: they were out the passion fruit crème-brûlée … *** Additional edit *** Went back again and love it even more!

  • 5Nguyễn Thành L. 6 months ago

    I can’t deny the food here was so sánh delicious. There was a guy, his name is Phong, he recommended a really really seafood rice-fried dish. Will be back soon!

  • 5Phat H. 8 months ago

    Great food! Lovely and friendly staff! Location is good as it’s close to tướng the beer street. Good price! Thanks so sánh much!

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  • 4M. 8 months ago

    Great dining experience at a reasonable price. Possibly the best meal we had during our stay in HCMC. Super tasty chicken curry was my favourite 😋 Recommended 😊👍

  • 3Tor M. 9 months ago

    Had to tướng wait a while for the food. Not a lot of other guests but one bigger table and they were struggling a lot with it. Dripping water on má from a disgusting ceiling. Food was okey but not amazing as another reviewer suggests.

  • 2Yannick De B. 11 months ago

    This place has a nice indoor setting and friendly staff, but the food is dull in every meaning. I had chicken curry but there was barely any curry taste in it let alone a bit of spiceness. The spring roll in itself was good, but it's dry as it comes without any sauce. Also the meal ordered by my companion was good enough to tướng fill her stomach but not tastefully. Also portions are rather small and the price is exaggerated expensive for the quality delivered. The restaurant's focus seems to tướng be on Westerners who don't lượt thích Vietnamese food and want a more neutral Vietnamese meal without any of the ingredients that makes Vietnamese food absolutely delicious. Maybe this restaurant is loved by people who just arrived, but after travelling weeks in Vietnam the food here is disappointing.

  • 2Asia T. 1 year ago

    Beef was ok. Chicken was terrible. Who said this place was cheap? It's about 2-3x normal Vietnamese restaurant. Over 500,000 for 2 dishes and 2 drinks

  • 5John v. 1 year ago

    Amazing Vietnamese restaurant down a side alley off the busy and noisy walking street. Not the standard big Vietnamese thực đơn but a decent selection of starters and mains. Recommend the red tilapia and buffalo cheese ball. Attentive service and fairly priced for the quality of the food.

  • 2Pat S. 1 year ago

    Unfortunately, this was the most average meal I've had in Vietnam and one of the most expensive. Food was flavourless, the morning glory was all stalks and no leaves, and the buffalo curry was extremely average. Really disappointing considering the good reviews (the reason we chose to tướng eat here). Didn't feel lượt thích authentic Vietnamese food at all.

  • 5Bon V. 1 year ago

    A lovely eatery located in a vibrant alley of Saigon. Friendly and attentive staffs, lovely cold beer and food was so sánh delicious. You can taste the freshness of the ingredients used for your dishes. Highly recommend and well worth trying. Thanks trang chủ Saigon team for lovely meal.

  • 5Andy L. 1 year ago

    Had a great meal here. Highly recommend the fried tilapia as it was one of the best fish dishes I've had this year. The eggplant and pork were solid as well. The chicken came highly recommended but we thought it was a bit overcooked and dry. Definitely come here and try out the fish though!

  • 5E. 1 year ago

    Best chicken I have eaten since coming here in Vietnam. Chieu was the nicest server. Very nice restaurant. Would come again.

  • 4Rob L. 1 year ago

    Nice spot for some yummy food. Staff are friendly and attentive, the location is easy to tướng find and comfortable. The thực đơn was limited by shortages that day but what we ordered was very fresh and delicious. I was a little disappointed by the portion size for the cost but overall a good find.

  • 5Benjamin B. 3 years ago

    Great and cheap drinks. Better prices than thở anyone around. We only came here to tướng drink in the evenings and the drinks were fantastic, they even asked how they could improve them and treated us as guests in their own house, giving us tips for places to tướng see and things to tướng bởi elsewhere in vietnam (where we would be travelling). They stayed open later for us insisting it was no trouble. Great little spot just far enough away from the big sports bars down the road to tướng get a bit of peace and quiet but still in the middle of the hustle and bustle of the cool narrow alleyways that are full of life. Do yourself a favour and go supports these legends.

  • 5Nadja O. 3 years ago

    We came here twice as we LOVED it. The food is amazing, tastewise and also the decor. Also, the whole crew is AMAZING. We got great recommendations from our waitress Lily. Kaan, our bartender that night, even made us spontaneously a delicious strawberry mojito that wasn't on the thực đơn. The restaurant is very clean and it's one of the few places we came across in Saigon, where you can drink cocktails with ice cubes without any worries! The restaurant really honours it's name "Home Saigon": we where taken care of in such a heart-warming and family-like way. I recommend everyone coming here if you're looking for authentic and delicious food!!

  • 5Katie B. 3 years ago

    Amazing service and delicious food! Our group had 16 people and the drink orders were taken quickly and delivered promptly. Food orders came out hot, as a group, with no mistakes. Noone at the table was left waiting for their meal and we all enjoyed together. They did separate bills and made proper change, which was brought back tucked between your bill. In the 2 weeks I've spent in Vietnam, this was the most organized, relaxing meal I've had. Would return, no complaints.

  • 5DZUNG D. 3 years ago

    This is real hidden gem, it located bit away from Main Street, in the quiet area, right in the heart of the tourist center, The owner’s hospitality exceptional, the decoration very nice and restaurant’s clean, Food’s shouldn’t missed, highly recommend to tướng every one!

  • 5Noel C. 3 years ago

    Great food! The Fried Red Tilapia was spectacular and well presented. I highly recommend this restaurant! The owner/manager was extremely kind and thoughtful and the staff was responsive and kind.

  • 5Ngọc Anh N. 3 years ago

    I just want to tướng thank you for your preparations and presentations of our meal last week. It was exceptional in every way and added so sánh much to tướng our enjoyable dinner. This place is perfect for groups or a casual date night that offers delicious and attractive food, friendly and polite services, great atmosphere. It’s really value for the price. I will certainly be back again to tướng this lovely restaurant. I highly recommend this restaurant.

  • 5Admin Hanoi Food C. 3 years ago

    We had a great fairwell at trang chủ Saigon Restaurant & Bar! Everything was great! Local disks were delicious and tasty ! Services are outstanding! Thanks!

  • 5Thuy Tien H. 3 years ago

    what an awesome services! We went to tướng trang chủ Saigon Restaurant nó recommendation of a friend who lives in Saigon and We all were very happy with Lyly! She helped us to tướng taste all highlights of Saigon foods! We definitely recommend our friends to tướng visit your restaurant. thanks

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